Thematic schools

Every years, general and thematic schools are organized by the C’Nano to promote training and education in Nanosciences

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CHANNELS, CHIPS and NANOPORES : Biosensing with Channels (21 mai 2010)

In biological systems, ions and macromolecules are transported across lipid membranes by highly selective nanoscaled protein channels. The study of these transport processes and their imitation in artificial structures, fabricated by chemical synthesis and micro-fabrication, offer many opportunities for applications in ultrasensitive detection of molecules : rapid sequencing of DNA or RNA, studies of conformation (secondary structure of RNA, protein folding), or molecular interaction between proteins or between proteins and nucleic acids.

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International Graphene summer school, Cargèse (21 mai 2010)

This graphene school is developped over several modules, considered as important for future developments on graphene both from the points of view of nanosciences and of nanotechnologies. They are

- Mesoscopic physics
- Electronic properties
- Electronic structure
- Numerical simulation
- Synthesis and technology
- Characterisation 9) Applications

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Franco-Iberian nanosensors workshop (21 mai 2010)

This workshop aims to foster contacts and collaborations on nanosensors and related fundamental science in south west Europe. Nanoparticles or nanostructured materials play an ever broadening rôle in physical, chemical and biological sensors. Understanding, designing and using these devices requires new approaches to finite size and interface effects.

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ESONN’10 (23 avril 2010)

ESONN 2010 (7th edition) is a three weeks course aimed at providing training for graduate students, postdoctoral and junior scientists from universities and laboratories in the field of NANOSCIENCES and NANOTECHNOLOGIES in Physics, Biology and Chemistry. The academic and practical courses cover the elaboration, functioning and characterization of nano-objects.

2010 summer School “Nanosciences Ile de France” (2 avril 2010)

The 2010 summer School "Nanosciences Ile de France" is the fourth issue of a series of yearly events. It emanates from the Center of Nanoscience in Ile-de-France (C’Nano IdF, ), whose aim is to promote, coordinate, and bundle interdisciplinary research in the field of nanoscience for more than 100 laboratories in the Paris area. The main objective of this school is interdisciplinary teaching in the fields of sciences exploring the nanoworld, from biology to quantum physics. It also focuses on the social impacts of those researches.

TransAlp’Nano 2010 Satellite School “Quantum wires, boxes and molecules” (12 mars 2010)

This school, open to doctoral students and postdoc is designed to draw parallels between different systems where confinment plays a key role. These are quantum wires, quantum dots in molecules. A number of differents scientific aspects will be presented in this School

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